Meet some of the regulars

Meet some of the regulars
Photo at Earlswood a while ago
The Shakespeare region of the Pike Anglers' club, formerly known as the Solihull & Warwickshire region, is here as a focus point for pike anglers in the South Birmingham, Solihull and Warwickshire areas. We are a friendly bunch who do things a bit differently and most of all enjoy our fishing. Working with other local regions we organise monthly fishing trips throughout the piking season from October to March. We also have plans to invite the occasional guest speaker .

Interested in Joining? Whether you are an old hand or a complete novice, come and join us. You don't have to be a member of the Pike Anglers' Club to come along to our fish-ins, but we hope that you will seriously consider joining.

If you like what you see we hope that you will join The Pike Anglers' Club of Great Britain to gain all the attendant benefits, including the quarterly magazine Pikelines as well as access to its online version - PikeOnLines. By joining you will also be supporting the conservation of pike in our waters.

Contact details are given at the bottom of the website.

We all look forward to seeing you....

Roger Howes

Regional Organiser

Find us on Facebook at Pike Anglers Club Shakespeare Region RA20

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The 2017 - 2018 Programme of Events

Our programme of talks and events is shaping up very well indeed. So do keep the first Thursday evening of the month free in October, November, February and March. Doors open at 7.00.

Venue change:-

Please note that we have changed our venue, again, and will now be back at The Granville at Barford, 52 Wellesbourne Road, Barford, CV35 8DS We are grateful to them for their hospitality and hope that they will be rewarded by good bar takings. For a location map just paste the link below into your browser:


Thursday, 5th October, 2017 


We are grateful to Rob for a really great talk - and grateful as well to members and friends for such a good turnout

Thursday, 2nd November, 2017 


We are most fortunate to be able to welcome Denis, who has a lifetime's expertise in the pike of his home region, Fenland, and has captured some huge pike. His talk is entitled
and will no doubt be both informative and entertaining.

Admission: £4 PAC members: £5 non members
Aged under 16 Free
7.00 for 7.30

Raffle with star prize of interest to predator anglers.
Tackle stall

Further talks are planned for Thursday, 1st February and Thursday, 1st March.
One of these will be our own LO, Dave Mutton on Catfish. Anyone who has looked at Dave's Facebook page will know that he has had huge success with these amazing fish.
A fourth talk is still to be arranged.


Sunday, 12th November, 2017

A charity match at a local lake. For details send an email to the address given below.

Sunday, 18th February, 2018

Our annual match with the Oxfordshire Region. To be held at the Bishop's Bowl lakes near to Harbury, Warwickshire.

So that's it for now. We hope it meets with your approval and that we shall see you over the coming months. The Facebook address has not changed and will be updated with this info shortly.


Facebook:        Pike Anglers Club Shakespeare Region RA20

Phone:             Jay       07824 703650

                        Roger  07800 931783

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Contact Details & Risk Assessment

Pike Anglers’ Club
Risk Assessment for Shakespeare Fish-in
River Avon: From Kingfisher Marine at Defford on 05/10/14

Risk assessment by Roger Howes: dated 04/10/14

Falling into water / capsizing
Moderate Risk
Possible fatal consequences
Take care on slipway/staging which can be either steep or slippery or both. Avoid if icy or if they look unsafe.
Do not wear waders/high boots on a boat. They can fill with water and drag wearer down or fill with air and upend him.
Carry mobile phones in waterproof bags and have numbers of other anglers or stay within shouting distance of other anglers
Supervise any children/younger/novice anglers.
Do not go out on river in flood.
Always wear adequate and serviced life jacket.
Check condition of water and of boat before setting off and abandon trip if conditions/boat are unsafe.
Avoid overloading any boat.
Take particular care not to go too close to a weir. A boat can be dragged towards it and swamped.
If a mishap occurs contact other anglers/emergency services as soon as possible. Use 112 emergency number as this gives your location to the emergency services.
Hypothermia as a result of 1.
Low Risk. Possible fatal/very serious consequences
Carry towel, spare clothing, spare warm drinks in car.
Carry survival blanket.
Weil’s Disease
Moderate risk. Possible fatal/very serious consequences.
Carry small first aid kit & cover all cuts with waterproof plaster.
Clean hands with alcohol rub before eating & hold food wearing a plastic glove. Contact GP if having flu like symptoms after exposure to risk.
Food poisoning from deadbaits.
Moderate risk. Possible serious consequences.
Precautions as for 3 above.
 Hooks in skin/other injuries, cuts, sprains etc.
High risk. Moderate possible consequences.
Always look before casting. Store hooks carefully. First aid on the spot or trip to A&E if in any doubt as to what to do. Roger Howes has first aid qualification.
Injuries from unhooking pike.
High risk. Moderate possible consequences
Entrust unhooking to an experienced pike angler. Wear a glove if not confident.
Injuries from bridges, overhanging trees, collision with other boats, etc.
Moderate risk. Possible fatal consequences.
Keep good lookout. Always have one experienced boat angler in each boat.
Failure of motor, damage to boat.
Moderate risk. Possible serious consequences.
Carry necessary tools to carry out minor repairs – shear pins etc.
Carry torch and container to bale out.
Doubtful situations
Always err on the side of caution.
Organisers of events cannot accept responsibility for the actions of participants or of children/young people in participants’ charge.

I am very happy to store in my mobile any numbers that anyone wants me to have – both those of anglers and of any emergency contacts they may have. Just email them to me or give them to me on the day.

Regional Organisers
Roger Howes
tel: 07800 931783

Jay Lock
tel: 07824 703650


PAC West Midlands Liaison Officer 
Dave Mutton

Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain